There’s a lot to consider when deciding whether or not to renovate your first home; from how much you can afford to spend, to how much you should spend – and where.

    How much should you spend?

    As a first homeowner you should avoid taking risks when renovating and spend conservatively. To make sure you don’t overcapitalise (when you spend more on a house than what you can sell it for) it’s a good idea not to spend more than 5% of the purchase price on renovations.

    A well-planned and executed renovation can add up to 10% to the value of your home, especially if you hold onto the property for five or more years. (more…)



    Buying a Home usually has got a number of benefits and some of them are listed below

    You can personalize and customize your space.

    Your rental agreement will no longer stop you from changing the look of your walls, changing the bathroom tile, or getting a dog, cat or any other pet. Furthermore any improvements you make can increase the value of your property. You’re not motivated to make those improvements in a rental, where they’ll only benefit the landlord.


    You get the increased value.

    Over time, the value of homes tends to increase (though it sometimes takes a long time, with some alarming downturns in between). When you sell, any return on your investment is yours to keep. As a renter, it belongs to the landlord.



    (i)  Clean windows and check them for damage

    Cleaning the outside of your windows is a good home improvement project and it only costs you time and effort. Also it looks nice to start the new season with crystal clear windows. Replacing broken window panes is inexpensive and goes a long way to making your home more attractive and energy efficient. Strong winds from storms may have cracked a few of your window panes. Take a walk around your house and visually inspect all of your windows. While you’re at it take a look at the window sills and trim for any signs of water damage or deterioration. Painting or replacing damaged window trim is another home improvement project that yields big results.

    (ii) Replace or upgrade your gutters

    Drain pipes and gutters are not very expensive to replace and are capable of making your home comfortable and dry. Another easy home improvement fix is to install gutter guards to keep falling leaves from blocking your gutters. Drain pipes and gutters help to direct rain water from your roof away from your foundation. Leaking or damaged gutters can cause this water to accumulate below the roof line, causing soil splashes around your house and possibly leading to water getting into your basement.

    (iii) Replace your front door

    The first thing any interested buyer of a home will see is the front door. Replacement should seriously be considered if the door is old, warped or damaged. It will not only be appealing or pleasing but it will also improve the home’s energy efficiency. Most home improvement now carry replacement doors to fit most homes and usually offer an installation as well. This makes this a very easy and exciting upgrade. (more…)


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